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Endless Passion as a Challenger

We never stop challenges to develop our products.
The passion has been always in our soul since the company was founded in 1948. 
By blieving in the expanding possibility of our craftsmanship, we are thriving with fresh ideas and extraordinary product development.

New Idea Makes Tomorrow’s Comfort

Our faith is to have people discover a new “value” in our products.
We strive to create new products that help you live a better, comfortable and healthy life which always changes its definition through the generations.

Our Technology that Makes “Impossible” Possible

We are professional of every manuracturing steps from growing the material to product manufacturing. 
The ability and knowledge that comes with years of experience enable any eccentric idea to come to life.
OSHIMAYA’s craftsmanship never ends people’s thoughts as just “an idea” or “an opinion”. 

Product Information

Oshimaya Co., Ltd. supports the SDGs with our “Igusa” and contributes to its worldwide effort.


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