A journey with Igusa: Oshimaya’s challenges and innovations

Oshimaya was founded in the 1940s in the Kurashiki area of ​​Okayama Prefecture, which is the birthplace of Hana-Goza (Japanese soft rush rug) and has many major producers of igusa (Japanese soft rush grass).
With the rapid economic growth post World War II, the domestic demand for igusa products has expanded.
In response to poor harvests in the Okayama area and increased domestic demand, the main production base for igusa was moved to Kyushu in Southern Japan.

Under such circumstances, OSHIMAYA was one step ahead of other companies in finding a way to expand its igusa production to overseas and successfully transitioned from unstable local production to having sufficient and constant supply.
With the utmost care and thorough guidance in cultivation, manufacturing, and management, we continue to provide high-quality products equivalent to domestically produced products to this day.
However, in recent years, with the Westernization of lifestyles and the decline in Japanese-style rooms, the demand for igusa products has decreased significantly, and the benefits of igusa and our tradition are gradually being lost.

For us, who have been manufacturing igusa products for many years, this brought severe situation to our business and had a major impact on the survival of the company.
However, we did not give up, believing in the potential of the material “igusa” and began developing new products.
Using unique manufacturing methods, materials, and products, we have expanded beyond the interior design market to the sports, outdoor, pet supplies, and child care industries.
Furthermore, we are taking on the challenge of our business expansion not only in Japan but also into overseas markets.

In fact, with the rise in global environmental awareness, natural materials are being reevaluated. We feel that what OSHIMAYA has been doing as our business for years finally started attracting many people from many industries.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, we aim to contribute to sustainable future where people and nature coexist by offering our innovational products.
We will continue to enrich people’s lives around the world.

Our CSR Activities

Our company’s mission is not only to provide safe products, but also to contribute to people’s life satisfaction by creating products with a new value.

In the 21st century, environmental issues have been discussed on a global scale, and not only our business, but also social systems ​​are undergoing major changes.
Riding this wave of change, we are focusing on sustainable manufacture using natural plants. From the cultivation of raw materials to the product manuracturing, we focus on coexisting with the environment by minimizing our impact on it and pursuing improved safety.

We are tackling global warming and promoting environmentally friendly business development such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Learning from the past environmental destruction and understanding that each of our actions has a major impact, we are starting to take actions that are considerate of our planet Earth.
A small “wish” becomes the power to protect the big “Earth.”

We hope that our products will contribute to your sustainable lifestyle, and by continuing to provide environmentally friendly options,
we will create a future that coexists with the global environment. We believe that each customer’s choice is one step forward to the sustainable tomorrow.

Our Initiatives for SDGs

OSHIMAYA agrees to contribute to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) with our Igusa products, and we are taking concrete actions to achieve this goal. We focus on the following points:

  1. Sustainable production and consumption:
    We promote carbon neutrality and circular recycling by providing environmentally friendly manufacturing systems using traditional techniques.
    We are fulfilling our responsibility to pass it on to future generations.
  2. Environmental conservation:
    We are promoting efficiency in production and operations, and implementing energy savings (approximately 5.7% reduction compared to the previous year).
    We also participate in tree planting and environmental cleaning activities in local communities, striving to prevent global warming and protect the ecosystem. In addition, by spread of rush, rice field are expanding, and we are also promoting “greening” by spreading igusa products which require vast area of rice field.
  3. Promoting health and welfare:
    We support diverse work styles and encourage our employees to take childcare leave regardless of gender. By sharing the experience of growing a child, we are creating a foundation for building good relationships.
    In the workplace, we provide an equal working environment regardless of disability, nationality, or gender. We pursue “happiness” so that our employees can cherish the time they have for themselves and their families.

Our efforts are particularly focused on the 17 goals of SDGs such as “GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING,” “GUALITY EDUCATION,” and “GENDER EQUALITY”.
Through these initiatives that contain specific actions for multiple goals, Oshimaya will fulfill its role as a company to achieve the SDGs.

Our efforts towards SDGs – Environmental challenges starting with igusa plants

By combining traditional techniques with today’s technology, we create products that reduce environmental impact for our future.
Through environmentally-friendly production activities, we aim to contribute to a sustainable society and are taking a step towards a prosperous future.

• Carbon neutral: We aim for carbon neutral production and circular recycling.

• Energy saving/Paperless: Due to our efficient business operations, we were able to reduced energy consumption by approximately 5.7% compared to the previous year.

Tree Planting Activities that Coexist with Society
  • Okayama Adapt Program: We actively participate in tree planting and environmental cleaning activities in cooperation with local communities.
  • Rice fields and greening: We believe that the cultivation of igusa rushes will lead to the conservation and greening of rice field.

Promoting Diversity and a Comfortable Work Environment
  • Respect for diversity: We aim for the work environment where all employees have equal opportunities regardless of gender or nationality.
  • Promoting childcare leave: Encourage childcare leave regardless of gender, and convey the importance of working together as a family.

Through these activities, we pursue the happiness of all people involved with OSHIMAYA and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Our Faith

We will develop a wide range of sales activities with a global perspective, so we will become a company that boasts unrivaled quality.
We focus on human resource development and always strive to provide high quality products with traditional goodness but without the feel of “outdated items”.
OSHIMAYA is a manufacturing company that aims to always go half a step ahead of modern lifestyles.

Our Corporate Philosophy

We, OSHIMAYA, will not only provide a place to work, but also to help each employee achieve self-actualization through their work. We also encourage our employees to focus on quality time at home with their family.

This leads us to the “Trinity of Happiness” that we pursue: the love of a family that supports each other, active contribution to society, and a sense of fulfillment in daily work.

We will find the place where these three factor for happiness come together for everybody. I believe that by doing this, we can build a better future for both companies and individuals.

Our Hope behind the Brand Logo

“We want to provide a comfortable space with our Igusa products and convey the true value of these products to many people.”
The logo embodies this idea and show igusa plants that grow to the sky.
This reflects OSHIMAYA’s continued growth. The color is a natural and refreshing light green that reminds of fresh lively plants.