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Wholesale Transactions

Q:I would like to purchase your product.

A:Regarding the purchase of products, our sales staff will be directly contacting you.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you would like to know more detailed terms and conditions or purchasing prices, please contact us via the inquiry form or by phone. A representative will respond promptly.

Q:Can you sell wholesale even if I don’t have a physical store?

A:Yes, we can have a wholesale business with companies even if they don’t have physical stores (Online Store etc.). For more information, please contact us via the contact form or by phone.

Q:Can you ship directly to customers?

A:Unfortunately, we do not support direct delivery to customers. However, we would be happy to discuss other shipping methods and solutions with you.

Q:How long does it take for delivery?

A: It depends on the type of product and the number of items in stock, but we will respond as quickly as possible. Please contact us for specific dates and details.


About Igusa Products

Q:The igusa materials of my purchased item have the area which are cut, sticking out, and discolored brown.

A:Igusa is a delicate natural material, so it tends to break more easily than synthetic fibers.
Therefore, when weaving the plants, it may break due to mechanical friction or drying process, and you may find several parts like the one above.
They are the characteristics of the material and we appreciate for your understanding.

Q:The color of my item looks slightly different from what I expected.

A:Because igusa is a natural material, the tip and root parts of the plant may have different colors.
In addition, the color of the same rush may vary slightly during the dyeing process, and the color may appear slightly different or uneven depending on the area.
Also, when purchasing additional items, the color may differ from the previous item.
Due to the discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays, the color may differ between the new item and already used item.
We would aapreciate for your understanding about the features of the natural material.

Q:Care Instructions

A:[In case of spills, such as water]
If it’s not a dark-colored substance, immediately absorb the moisture and let it dry thoroughly. For colored substances (such as soy sauce), sprinkle wheat flour or baby powder to absorb the moisture, then vacuum it up.
[In case of crayon or marker stains]
Apply cream cleanser to a dry cloth and wipe carefully. For oil-based marker stains, wipe them off with rubbing alcohol.
[For severe stains]
Dampen a cloth with lukewarm water mixed with neutral detergent, wring it out tightly, and wipe. Alternatively, you can use a clean cloth soaked in benzine, lightly tapping while removing the stain.

Q:What should I do if mold grows on the item?

A: A mold may form on the product depending on the environment or condition of the item.
If mold forms, dry it in the shade, sweep off the mold with a brush and vacuum it.
Please be careful not to inhale the mold when cleaning it.
If mold is extensive, remove it with bleach and rubbing alcohol.
Damp a towel with warm water and a little bleach and wipe the mold with it. Then soak a clean cloth with alcohol, wipe the item with the cloth, and air-dry it thoroughly.

Q: How do I store my item?

A:Tap lightly to remove dust, dry in the shade, and store in a dark place with low humidity.

Q:Can it be used with floor heating and heated area rugs?

A:There is no problem with the product itself, but problems such as discoloration may occur on the flooring side. Please contact the flooring manufacturer in advance.
In addition, laying igusa products may interfere with the original functions of floor heating.
When using on floor heating, depending on the flooring material, condensation may form between the floor and the product when the heat cools down and may cause mold.
We recommend not using it for a long time and lifting it up as needed to ventilate it when unused.

About Bamboo Products

Q: About splinters

A: Due to the nature of the material, splinters may occur. For safety, please trim the splintered parts with scissors or similar tools before use.

Q: About black spots

A: These are caused by the natural oils in the bamboo during the manufacturing process and are not defects. They are harmless to the human body, so please feel free to use them with confidence.

Q: It has an unique scent.

A: It is a smell of raw bamboo. Please note that we are unable to provide completely odorless products due to the characteristics of the natural material.
It will gradually fade after using it for a while.

Q: What should I do if mold grows on the item?

A: Since it is a natural material, mold may develop due to changes in temperature and humidity.
If mold occurs, dry it in the shade and tap it gently to remove it.
Prolonged use in places exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity may cause deterioration and mold, so please clean and ventilate the area under the rug frequently.

Q: How do I store my item?

A: Tap lightly to remove dust, dry in the shade, and store in a dark place with low humidity.

For Purchasing Our Product

Q: I would like to buy your items

A: We do retail sales on our online store. Please visit