Our efforts are to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
With our company concept, we are constantly searching for new ideas and solutions by exploring all possibilities. Our spirit of challenge extends not only to the interior design market, but also to the development of products related to the outdoors, nursing care, and even pet care.
Through these efforts, we recognize the importance of engagement and are working hard to spread the benefits of “igusa” both domestically and internationally.

Igusa Products

Our main stream is home décor with igusa products.
As professionals who have been handling igusa for over 70 years, we deliver products of unbeatable quality.

Tatami Mats

Easily bring Japanese taste to your life. From products for everyday use to authentic ones with original manufacturing methods – We help you create a comfortable living space.

Bamboo/rattan products

The material feels good on your skin.
It started being recognized as a sustainable natural material due to bamboo’s growing speed.This is a series that has been loved for many years.


We also offer interior items made of various materials, There is a wide range of home décor products and they fit in many lifestyles.

Our Brand


Igusa’ is an excellent plant that has natural propaties such as humidity regulation, antibacterial function and relaxation effects.
It is said to have been introduced to Japan from India through the Silk Road around 700 AD, and has been used in traditional Japanese culture for about 1,300 years.
As an Igusa manufacturer that handles everything from cultivation to marketing and sales, we wanted to introduce this plants to the world with keeping the traditional Japanese “Igusa” culture and its techniques.
Our brand name “igusaism” holds our hope and passion towards the amazing material “igusa”. 


Swing-Tatami is a tatami mattress specialized for sports training and packed with our abundant Igusa Manufacturer’s technology.
Achieving comfortable touch and high durability, the optimal friction and cushioning properties unique to tatami mats improve the muscles and develop a sense of gripping the ground, leading to strengthening of the lower body.
Because of these benefits, the mat is perfect for athletes to train their core for better stability.