Approach to CSR: Contributing to Enriched Lives Through Safe and Secure Products.

Our company’s mission is not only to provide safe products, but also to contribute to people’s life satisfaction by creating products with a new value.

For the future, what we can do.

In the 21st century, environmental issues have been discussed on a global scale, and not only our business, but also social systems ​​are undergoing major changes.
Riding this wave of change, we are focusing on sustainable manufacture using natural plants. From the cultivation of raw materials to the product manuracturing, we focus on coexisting with the environment by minimizing our impact on it and pursuing improved safety.

The small ‘wishes’ that protect the vast ‘earth’.

We are tackling global warming and promoting environmentally friendly business development such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Learning from the past environmental destruction and understanding that each of our actions has a major impact, we are starting to take actions that are considerate of our planet Earth.
A small “wish” becomes the power to protect the big “Earth.”

Take a step towards a sustainable future.

We hope that our products will contribute to your sustainable lifestyle, and by continuing to provide environmentally friendly options,
we will create a future that coexists with the global environment. We believe that each customer’s choice is one step forward to the sustainable tomorrow.

Igusa Products

Our main stream is home décor with ‘igusa’ products.
As professionals who have been handling ‘igusa’ for over 70 years, we deliver products of unbeatable quality.

Bamboo/rattan products

The material feels good on your skin. It started being recognized as a sustainable natural material due to bamboo’s growing speed.
This is a series that has been loved for many years.

Tatami Mats

Easily bring Japanese taste to your life.
From products for everyday use to authentic ones with original manufacturing methods –
We help you create a comfortable living space.


We also offer interior items made of various materials,
There is a wide range of home décor products and they fit in many lifestyles.